Cubase Studio


I’m trying to update my Cubase Studio (student edition) to 5.5.0, then to 5.5.3. When I try to update to 5.5.0, I get an error saying Cubase is not installed, when obviously it is. I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8 if that’s helpful.




Is your Cubase 5.1 app placed in the users//Application folder?

I found very similar problem, when the Cubase was installed on different HDD on Windows.

Is your user administrator? Do you have permission for installing? Can you try to download last version of eLCC application?

It seems that all my applications are located under /Applications instead of /Users//Applications. Creating an alias (shortcut) did not work, and neither did moving it the the latter folder. I am the administrator (I think, there are no other accounts) and I just updated eLCC, no luck.

Can you try to do Repair Disk Permission from the Utilities/Disk Utility?

I suppose, Cubase 5.1 works well.

Repaired permissions, verified disk (everything OK), no luck. I suppose the version I have works well enough!