Cubase Studio 5: An invisible second lane on a MIDI track?

I have a MIDI track where there seem to be 2 lanes.
The first one contains notes. The second, however seems empty.
See picture.
Cubase Invisible Lane.jpg
What can I do to reveal and delete the invisible lane?
I already tried showing automation, there is none present though.

Thanks already in advance.

I’m thinking you either might have some small event on the lower blank half of the lane that’s not erased, or you have something selected on that track…as in some kind of ‘stack’ mode. I believe you can unstack it.

Problem solved.
In the track control setup, one function concerning lane modes was not shown.
I reenabled its visibility and then changed lane mode from there.
Subsequently, the part that was present in the upper half of the channel properly covered the whole channel height.

Thank you anyway, Sync.