Cubase Studio 5 Export MP3

I try to export my work to a MP3 and have done so before. I had to redo my PC and install everything fresh.

I am now getting an error when trying to export, that says NO MORE ENCODINGS and then it has buttons saying GO TO ONLINE SHOP or OK.

If it was working before, why do I need to pay for it now? Is this right?

Yes, only Cubase has full Fraunhofer MP3 encoding.

The other editions of Cubase has it available as an add-on. The trial period is included for evaluation purposes.

You could always export as a WAV file then convert using Lame or another encoder.

After a little testing, it seems Cubase has been trained to reject foreign codecs; since LAME doesn’t seem to be recognized. However if you have Wavelab, the LAME encoder works well.