Cubase studio 5 is unstable

Hi everybody,

my cubase is completely unstable. My system is:
dell studio 15 core i7 windows seven 64bit
motu 828 mk3 plugged into an expresscard having a ti chipset
cubase studio 5 64bit

cubase is unstable and bugs randomly when i shut down or open a project. Also when i export a mix. It also freeze randomly when i modify the sound card properties as the latence or the connection.

I remove all the non steinberg plug in, it also bugs. I try to open cubase without the motu and just with the internal sound card and the steinberg asio driver. It also bugs. I install cubase 32 bits it bugs…

I am going to become crazy!!! Help me. Can it be a bug with the dongle. It often bugs, it means i put it in a usb port and my computer don’t recognize it.

Thanks for your help!

Lets assume you have updated Studio 5 to the latest version and have tried deleting the preferences as detailed here:-[productfamily]=2

Then the unstableness would seem to be a computer problem more than CS5.

Actually I tried also on the computer (a laptop dell latitude) of my work and I have the same problems. It is installed with xp 32bits. Is the dongle can be defective and yields cubase to freeze?

For information, when cubase bugs, I kill it and the dongle is no longer recognized by the computer. I have to remove it several times before it works again or I have to restart my computer.

Cubase can be buggy but never consistently unusable. Like “Split” said make sure everything is updated including the eLicenser . Is this happening when you create new projects or is it only happening with already created projects?

yes everything is updated. My problem happens with new and old projetc.

I think I have solved my problem, i bought a new elicenser stick and it seems that cubase is stable. I will see in the time how it behaves. I hope It will stay stable!!

I let you inform.

try running Latency Checker and see what it says