Cubase Studio 5, NI Komplete Audio 6, Mac El Capitan


I’ve been using Cubase Studio 5 on my iMac for over a year, with an NI Komplete Audio 6 interface and everything was fine.
I upgraded to the latest Mac OS version 10.11.2, and now I can’t get the NI Interface to work with Cubase.
If I select the built in sound on the Mac I can hear and record sound, but if I select the Komplete A6, it shows up, but no sound comes out, I can’t record, and the mixer bars do not have the rights moving up and down with the sound.

The NI device works fine with the Mac for iTunes, Spotify, etc etc, so I assume this is a compatibility issue with the link between the two programs (NI and Cubase) with the latest Mac OS. I believe Cubase 5 is not supported on 10.11.2

I can’t go back to an earlier Mac OS release (as my backup drive also decided to fail around the same time, and I just noticed - great!). Does this mean I have to buy yet another version of Cubase (I started with Pro 24, so I have given Sternberg plenty of revenue over the years!)

Any suggestions would be most welcome!

guess that answers your question :unamused:
thanks for posting your experience.
I was considering OSX10.11 but I think I’ll go to 10.10 instead
Currently on Cubase 5.5 with no plans to upgrade.

Did you try an online restore of your OSX direct from Apple?
That’ll put you back to whatever OSX your Mac was shipped with.


I’ve got the same problem ! ! and I get no issue