Cubase Studio 5 to Elements 10 help

Hi just new here
and have been reading a lot of your great advice and tips, so thanks,
after using Cubase for long time, i have upgraded my computer and decided to update from Studio 5 to Elements 10, as its all i need for now,
I read through a couple of things that said it could be done, but when i did it last night it wont allow me to,
I downloaded the new E licence Centre and my Studio 5 licence shows up there, sp that all looks good, ( i was impressed i did that!!)
I then paid for the upgrade download of Cubase Element and chose the option from Cubase LE/Ai 4 or higher), Essential or Sequel.
I thought this was the right one? as I thought Studio was included in this? Obviously not!
Can someone advise please what is the best way to upgrade from Studio 5 to Elements 10,
Thanks for your time and help

I worked it out. sorry, you cant do it… I just bought the Elements full version, but now trying to get a refund for the upgrade i did incorrectly.
Loving Elements too. :smiley:

I hadn’t heard of Cubase Studio 5, so did a quick search, and got this message from Steinberg’s site:

“Sorry, this product can not be purchased online in your country.”

So I’m just curious - what is Studio? Is it like Elements.

More like artist.