cubase studio 5 upgrade to cubase 6

I’m thinking about upgrading to cubase 6 from studio 5. First, I would need to upgrade my windows vista to windows 7. I have the windows 7 disk ready to upgrade, but… should I backup my music from cubase somehow so that it is not lost when I upgrade from vista to windows 7 ? If so, how do I back up my cubase files? I would appreciate any help on the topic.

You should copy all of your project folders to an external drive or another internal drive that will not be touched during the Windows install. Don’t forget about any sample libraries you have made or installed that aren’t already on another install disc. If you have created any presets for VSTi or VST effects you can also copy these to a safe place. Best bet is, if you have another drive large enough, to copy the whole hard drive. Then hang on to it for a couple of weeks until you are sure you don’t need anything from it.