Cubase Studio 5 with MR816csx - No Master Output

Recently purchased a Steinberg MR816csx interface and downloaded the latest software/drivers. The MR Editor (software mixer) works just fine with the MR816csx. However, in Cubase Studio 5, I’m getting no master level output.


  1. Opened a “New Project” using the “Steinberg MR816CSX multi channel recording” template
  2. Device Setup shows 8 active inputs and 2 active outputs
  3. Input faders light up, showing input, but output faders on the Mixer and Transport Panel show no output.
  4. When I record, I can see recorded material in the tracks (and even hear it when I mouseover the audio track segments with the “play” icon), but nothing goes to the master output.

Laptop: HP HDX16 Notebook PC
O/S: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 2.00 GHz

Would greatly appreciate your help.


Don B.