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Updating an edu version is precisely the same as it would be if you were upgrading a retail version., as stated in this faq page: FAQ | Steinberg.

So, now I’m upgrading. In the Steinberg Download Assistance I get a loooong list of stuff that is to be installed, some recommended, some optional. Question, Do I need all this? Do you get it all and just roll with it?

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Hi, I’ve just tried to make use of the buy Artist, Get Pro offer. I’ve bought Artist, I can’t seem to activate Artist? Do I need the e-licenser thingy to arrive before I can do that? If so what does that mean in terms of upgrading to Pro? I have an activation code that was emailed as part of the receipt, but it’s not in the same format as the box that I’m offered to activate the product so it doesn’t work.

Yes, you need the dongle for the activation step.
Are you sure what you have isn’t the Download Activation Code which needs to be pasted into the requisite spot in the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Thank you for your help. I have an ILok thing somewhere, would that work or does it need to be a Cubase dongle? Also it would make sense if it were the Download Activation code but I honestly don’t know.

Is there an idiots guide to this somewhere?

Hey, you will need a Steinberg USB eLicenser and yes, you have received a Download Access Code.

Here is a step by step video and the link to the knowledge base:

You’re a legend thank you. Ordered an elicenser to arrive tomorrow. I have some annual leave for the first time in 18 months and planning to get to grips with a new DAW. Would have been a bit annoying to find I couldn’t activate it :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help. Appreciated.

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You’re saying that If you have a second license you don’t need a dongle for it ?

No, Pro and Artist require the dongle. No matter if it’s your first or second license.

Yeah you need a second dongle for it, I’ve always had a spare one though - for zero downtime.

It’s just nice having a dongle for the Laptop and a dongle for the desktop now, thanks to this offer. So I no longer have to keep unplugging it from my desktop ‘just incase’ i want to use it on my laptop in the house.

Doesn’t that mean you’re going to have to purchase two loads of updates every time you want to update?

Well, it’s that or stop using Cubase, I guess - i didn’t design the system :).

My desktop machine is in a different location to my laptop at home, so I have to continually plug/unplug the dongle and travel with it every weekday. But what I’ve done this year is use a rival DAW on my laptop, and that’s been costing me each month - so I can cancel that now, which balances things up.

I’m hoping the new Steinberg licensing system will allow multiple machines on a single license without the need of carrying a dongle, and if that happens i can pass this new license to my Son. But right now, we have no idea ‘if’ that will be offered, or ‘when’… And i can’t be hanging on for a year or so, to wait and see.

So, decided with this current sale to take advantage and get a second license - i’ll be honest, it’s quite unsettling using two different DAWs as many days I think it would just be easier to use the rival 100% - but then i come back to Cubase and fall in love again - so for me, it’s taking that distraction out, and hopefully allow me to be more productive. :slight_smile:

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Makes sense. I usually come back to cubase too. It’s really a great daw. Just needs stability and finesse. (Eg why is F1 linked to an online manual. I need that F1 as a key command. not an online page that doesn’t even go directly to the right place… and the list goes on…)

Hello, I ordered CUBASE 11 ARTIST PRO and I see there is the promo to get CUBASE 11 PRO. How is the procedure for obtaining the PRO and from what date? I have a USB key to test the CUBASE 10 PRO from last year, which I did. Do I have to wait for the key ordered with ARTIST PRO or can I use the old one? I thank you in advance. Sincerely, Philippe AMMELOOT

j’ai commandé CUBASE 11 ARTIST PRO et je vois qu’il y a la promo d’obtenir CUBASE 11 PRO. Comment se fait la procédure d’obtention du PRO et à partir de quelle date ?
J’ai une clef USB pour testé le CUBASE 10 PRO de l’année dernière, ce que j’ai fait. Est-ce que je dois attendre la clef commandé avec ARTIST PRO ou je peux utiliser l’ancienne ?
Par avance, je vous remercie.
Bien cordialement,


Bonjour @Phil_AMMELOOT , you will need an USB eLicenser connected to your system to activate the license. But you can of course use your existing one as well. Did you purchase Cubase Artist in our Online Shop? Then you will have received an email with a Download Access Code. Just enter this DAC into the Steinberg Download Assistant and follow the instructions. The DAC will automatically create a Cubase Pro 11 license.

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Hyper thank you Matthias!
Yes I did buy Cubase Artist on Wednesday and (as I had already downloaded it in the past) when I open Cubase 11 Pro, it works. On the other hand, when I want to register my product on the STEINBERG site (and as I have the old USB key) it does not want (key already registered) so I cannot register it. Do I have to wait for the other key to register my product?

Hyper merci Matthias !
Oui j’ai bien acheté Cubase Artist mercredi et (comme je l’avais déjà téléchargé par le passé) lorsque j’ouvre Cubase 11 Pro, ça marche. Par contre lorsque je veux enregistrer mon produit sur le site STEINBERG (et comme j’ai l’ancienne clef USB) il ne veut pas (clef déjà enregistré) alors je ne peux pas l’enregistrer. Dois-je attendre l’autre clef pour enregistrer mon produit?

You have to enter the Download Access Code that you have received in the confirmation email into the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Hi i bought cubase Artist and need to activate it before the 1st of August to get the Pro , the problem is i also bought the usb from the Steinberg site , and received no updates as to when it will arrive, i live in London, im afraid it won’t arrive in time because of the pandemic and Brexit, is there anyway to find out how long it will take for the usb to arrive?

Hey, only our shop partner AskNet can answer that. When did you order?