Cubase Studio Weeks - Sale

Many thanks for such quick reply. Just one small clarification. Will I be able to upgrade the product I am crossgrading from once the new versions are available?


We won’t tell the manufacturer of the DAW that you are cross grading from about the cross grade. No worries.

That’s great. I’d like to be able to use both for different reasons.
Thanks again.

Not sure if this has been answered already.

I work in a studio where we use Cubase 10. The studio’s recording schedule is very busy this month of July, so I don’t really have the time to sit down and upgrade Cubase right now. So my question is whether I can pay for the update now, but activate/install it later, after the sale has ended?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Absolutely. Only the „buy artist, get pro“ deal is bound to the activation within July.

I really would like to upgrade from AI to Artist, but I’m a bit confused about the 40% offer on upgrades. When I buy it from a local distributor (e.g., big T), I get the upgrade for EUR 149. It was also EUR 149 a few months before the studio weeks. Now on the Steinberg website, it costs EUR 172.39 and was before EUR 271.99. For me this makes no sense at all, buying it from somewhere else prior to the studio weeks was still cheaper than during the studio weeks at Steinberg, why?

Can I get some help please and offer feedback:

I have LE 10 I bought an upgrade for Elements 11 I have the latest e-licence control software but the software says “there is no license available which can be upgraded” when I use the activation code. I can see now that LE is not Elements even though the The Cubase icon on the desktop says “Cubase LE AI Elements 10” how can I pay the difference for the upgrade over and above what I paid for the update? or can I get a refund for the update and then get the upgrade.

Honest mistake, but really I can see me being the only one to make it.

This forum should be newest to the top and not the other way around.
Support should be centralized and not distributed through resellers.
I logged a support request through my reseller and have no confirmation.
I logged the request for support and it does not appear in my Steinberg account under my requests.
Licensing and activation is simply too complex you have a dozen products, multiple versions, on multiple OS’s and you end up with a million different questions.

Please help and thank you for your time

This must mean you bought the wrong update product. If you write to Asknet they should be able to help you correct the problem.

See this post for an authoritative answer from Steinberg: validation code for upgrade to cubase LE 11 - #12 by Ed_Doll

Wow! Thanks Steve for the speedy response! - Who is ask net? and what is their contact details?

I presumed you bought from the Steinberg Website. Asknet administers online sales for Steinberg. The receipt for the purchase shows who you bought it from, that’s who you would contact.

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I would like to buy a cubase 11 pro via crossgade from studio one 5 professional…
I see in promotion that i got to have:

  1. A copy of your purchase receipt for the original license or the most recent update/upgrade

  2. A screenshot of your product registration

3.A photo of your package (either CD/DVD or printed manual), with the unique serial number included in the photo.

I bought the studio one digital version and i don’t have requirement for number 3.

Do i still can buy a crossgrade or not?


We are just asking for one of those:

“We only accept proofs that are legible and uploaded meeting one of the following requirements:”

Thank you!

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I’m new , and I just bought The Artist get pro 11
and all so bought a USB e-Licenser today.
The USB not yet arrive, can i activate by using soft-elicenser(Sel)?
i already tried but the massage need Me use the Usb.

Yes, you definitely need the USB dongle for Artist and Pro.

Is e-licenser server down at this moment or is it just me?
I tried upgrading from 10.5 to 11.

Well I’ll just try later again.

There’s a server issue it seems. Steinberg posted on Facebook at ~9am CEST, saying they hope to resolve the issue within a few hours. Frustrating for me too as I had today booked out to upgrade before the current offer expires. Will see how things are later…

Thanks for reply. I’ll try again later.

I have cubase 9 AI version ,I want to upgrade to cubase 11 pro. Is this the right option for me?

Yes, that’s the right upgrade.

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