Cubase stutters while changing tempo

When I make a tempo change in Cubase 11 pro and the cursor gets to that point, Cubase suddenly starts to stutter a lot, it doesn’t play any music but it just goes forward to the point where the new tempo is. For the record, I have a really fast machine (i9) with 128 GB of ram. It only happens with Spitfire audio, I don’t have this problem with East west Orchstra. Does anyone know what’s going on here? I just don’t get what it is.

Is it both types of tempo changes? There was a bug in NI Kontakt which had it freak out with certain features (sequenced things) in Cubase (or in VE Pro using Kontakt connected to Cubase) if the tempo change was ramp type, for example.

Yes it was both types of tempo changes! I have the latest version of Kontakt, the problem is still there

I am also familiar with such stuttering effects, but not complete dropouts. This is usually the case when tempo-synchronized effects (e.g. LFOs, delay) are included.