Cubase Style Event Handling Opacity?

Is this feature completely missing from Nuendo, or did I miss it somewhere in the prefs?

Anyone who also uses Cubase will know what I’m talking about. This comes in very handy for editing…especially slip editing.

Doesn’t Nuendo have transparent events, negating the need for this settings?

(Event Display>Transparent Events)

Yes, but the way Cubase handles it is much more convenient. It’s like the best of both worlds. Clean, colorized event background until you grab it…then goes as transparent as you decide. Plus with Grid Overlay Intensity you can always see the grid through the events.

Very handy

Interesting, because the uproar on the forums when transparent events were removed from Cubase in Cubase 6 (iirc) was resounding.

I suppose incorporating both choices would be ideal. But, alas…

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