Cubase suddenly closed or (crash??)

I’ve been looking for this solution. But still I haven’t found any solution for this matter. So, I star this topic just in case any of you has a link that can give me solution or having same problem as I do.

I use Cubase 10 LE AI Element. In some case when I was working with my music, Suddenly it stopped for 1 second and cubase closed it self. in Some other case it’s hanged ( while playing content or not) and I can’t press anything. So i have to shut it down from task manager. I used small tracks at that time. And recently it happened many times. I had to start my cubase every 15 second after I played my content or made an adjustment in any channel.
I use Kontakt mostly as my instrument. And I’m in doubt to upgrade my cubase to Pro. But I do love to use cubase.

Please help me :slight_smile:


I’ve been using my notebook to produce my music.
Yoga 530 14Arr, 500 Gb SSD Hardisk, 32GB Installed Ram
AMD Ryzen 7 2700U with Radeon Vega 2.20GhZ

Hi and welcome,

Are there any *.dmp files in the Crash Dump folder, please?
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

If yes, attach some, please.

If not, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

Hi Martin, thanks for feedback

here is my screen capture of that crashdump folder content :


As I can see, you have Cubase 10.0.30 installed. Install the latest Cubase 10.0.60, please. If it’s still crashing, attach the latest Crash Dump file, please.

HI, I’ve Update may cubase to 10.0.60 so far it works, only one time hanged. thank you
i had no notification when cubase latest update came.

Hi, sorry for bothering you.
I’m still having problem right now apparently. cubase still freeze for one second and then closing it self. The weird thing is no extra information in crash dump folder. the latest date info is still a month ago. same thing that I’ve captured earlier.

any insight of this matter?


I’m having the same problem and have had it since I upgraded to Artist 9.5. from Element 9. I have since changed the interface to a Steinberg UR44C and have upgraded to 10.5 Pro. Same thing. Very disappointing. I have the last dmp file from tonight that I will post here. Mine will crash just listening to a simple track with a whahhh sound. There are a whole bunch of dmp files but are all the same. Help! It won’t let me paste it here…


Please, attah the DMP files from Cubase 10.0.60, to be able to resolve them, please.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Now I have upgraded my cubase to Cubase Pro 10.5 . And now sadly I’m still having the same problem as before. Here I inform you crash dump notes.

Try setting the colour scheme to standard grey. I changed it to a custom colour and had the same problem as you - changed it back and everything is fine now

Hi all. Good news to report here. I think I have finally had success with my CB 10.5 pro and UR44C setup. The crashes I have been having apparently were caused by my AMD Radeon 7 graphics card. I found an update for that card dated Dec 8th, 2020 and so I downloaded and installed it and have had no further crashes for about 30 hours of use. I hope I haven’t spoke too soon but so far it looks promising. Thanks all for your help!
Good tip on the color scheme. I will keep that in mind if I have a problem!

I use radeon as well, thanks for the tips… I’ll try to check it.

Hi, thanks… but this means cubase 10.5 isn’t stabile . A simple thing like custom colour should not effecting work flow. imho

I’m still having this problem though