Cubase Suddenly Recording MIDI Output with Input

Hi there,

I’ve been using CuBase for decades, and recently upgraded to 8.5 Pro after a hard drive crash. Somehow I’ve gotten myself into a situation where the output from other MIDI tracks are being recorded into my new MIDI track when I record new tracks while playing my Kurzweil PC3K8 in Setup mode; never had this happen before. I’m forced to delete the MIDI from all my other tracks that were playing after doing a new recording, which is making the session unworkable. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


What is the output of these MIDI Tracks? Is it Kurzweil? If yes, Make sure, you have no MIDI loop on Kurzweil (you don’t send data from the input to the output (MIDI Thru).

OK, I figured this one out for the time being, through a series of experiments. Thanks Martin for trying to help. Not a Cubase issue at all, rather, a Kurzweil one.

The MIDI settings on the PC3K8 are complex. It seems that in Setup mode, if you set a layer to have an “InputChannel”, as well as a “Channel”, it will echo the incoming MIDI on the InputChannel back out again (presumably on the “Channel”?) for that part when it receives incoming MIDI. Wasn’t quite what I expected, but it appears to be a facility that allows you to control the Kurzweil remotely via MIDI in such a way that it also broadcasts the MIDI back to its out port. So I guess it makes sense now.