Cubase suddenly records bad -no panner mono in

Suddenly, from one day to another cubase donesn’t records well (it always records voice well), but now when i record: there is a lot of ambient noise and the voice seems VERY distant It’s like cubase doesn’t detects the audio interface, which is configured correctly (correctlky setup, as always), all started when I had a problem of sending a mono voice track to a bus mono and appears the “no panner” (but was resolved when I send the mono voice track to stereo bus).
The microphone and the interface are correct, because I can record voice in audacity, or soundforge great, but is not working only for cubase, I setup again theinterface’s configuration, all is correct, I don’t know what more can I do, I only see that:
1-the OUTPUT: bus master have no any output, is that normal? “no bus” I attach you captures of my configuration:
2-the INPUT: bus “mono in” have “no panner” is that normal because it’s mono?

P.D.: I have no plugins yet (any compressor and equalizer yet)


The Output Bus has no Output, that’s normal.

The Input Mono Bus should has a panner.

No bus or track should and will have a panner when routed to a mono track / bus