Cubase suggestion - Tabs

Firstly, I am really happy with my purchase of Cubase 6.5. I am sure that all of the new features will be put to good use! :slight_smile:
I would just like to suggest a possible feature for future updates/versions, that when it occurred to me, I found it strange that it wasn’t there already.

I am currently running my system on a single 1080p display, and I find myself spending quite a bit of time trying to position/resize/layer/overlap the various mixer, VST instruments, main track window, etc. so that I can click on each one and bring the one that I need to the front so I can use it…

My suggestion is really very simple (and hopefully simple to implement). Have a tab system, similar to how popular internet browsers work, such as Firefox, or Chrome.
Each tab could be dedicated to different functions. As in mixer tabs, main track window tab, VSTi tab etc.

I feel that this would make things much faster and practical for people running single, or even dual monitor set-ups.

The idea came to me while talking to a friend (Nuendo user) on the phone the other day. I hope that you consider this suggestion and decide to implement it in the future.

Cheers, and keep up the excellent work! :slight_smile:

You can Ctrl-Tab through the open windows, does that help?

As for a Tabbed window system I sometimes use Premiere Pro and this has a comprehensive one but I don’t really get on with it. And Wavelab also has a tab system which I never use. I think I prefer my windows to be free moving entirely and I’m happy to use the Ctrl-Tab combo in Cb to move between them. But that’s just me, and I have two monitors anyway so plenty of screen space…


I’ll check out the Ctrl & Tab option. Cheers!

I wasn’t suggesting to replace the current, free moving windows, just that having the option to have things tabbed could be very useful. :slight_smile:

For me personally, this would only be interesting, if there was a mix of the 2; decide which windows you’d like tabbed and which not.

I currently have 3 monitors attached to my studio;

  • Monitor 1: mixer, controlroom and transport bar
  • Monitor 2: project lanes, active VST windows, audio editing, midi editing (basically everything I’m doing atm)
  • Monitor 3: all inactive plugs, which I’d like to see while mixing; frequency analyzers, superior drummer, synths, etc etc

If everything would be tabbed, where would everything go to? I’d like my project lanes, audio editing, midi editing, etc to be in tabs. But the rest is great as it is… to me that is :slight_smile:

I was thinking that it could be like a small (optional) area at the top of the screen that you could right click on, which could open up a context menu with the various tabs you could create. Nothing would be forced, it would just be adding more flexibility to the work space.