Cubase support request


This is a rant post.
I sent 4 mails to and there is no any answer yet
(except for the answer of the automated system “Your request has been received!”)
There are no registered support requests (except one year old ticket closed with no reason ) in my steinberg account.
The first email was sent in 12.29.2020
What am I missing here?
What is the right way to get any support for legally used payed and registered Steinberg software ?
I have to note this is the worst support I ever had

kind regards, Alexander

hi Alexander

I don’t think your experience is unique ! and I sympathise.

You can log support requests directly in your MySteinberg account and that might be an easier way to track them ? That’s the ‘official’ support system.

You may also find that if you get an answer - that it’s not really a solution anyway.

Why not post your issues here (maybe you have ?) and let the ‘users’ have a go ?

we should also have a poll for the oldest unanswered ticket in MySteinberg - I have some tickets that are years…not days.


Hi @Dr.Strangelove

Thanks for your sympathy. Make me feels I’m not alone here.

Yes I have posted all my issues here as well.

I don’t see any way to log my request directly unfortunately …
Do you mean this place:
No buttons are available for me, just readonly information
Maybe 'cause I’m Russian? :grin:

kind regards, Alexander

yes - I think that’s the correct place - but probably ‘readonly’ because you are Russian.

They want you to log issues via the distributor

Thanks. Got it.
But there is no support in Russia unfortunately.
Thanks anyway!

kind regards, Alexander


MI products & Nuendo:
Room 37, entrance 7, building 7
Kievskaya street
Moscow, Russia, 121059
Tel.: 7 495 626 50 05
Fax: 7 495 626 53 60

Yes. Tried that few years ago with no luck.
Maybe Its time to check it again :slightly_smiling_face:

kind regards, Alexander

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