Cubase support

does anyone on steinberg support look at support request as i feel five days at not even an acknowledgement is a bit too much to ask for.

regards Liam


Yes, they do.

Can we help you here on the user forum?

I have paid for an upgrade 'cubase elements 13 update from cubase elements 11 or older.

Support id #616223

Entered my download access code which downloaded Steinberg download manager, and there is know link to download the upgrade.
So I download the cubase le 13 but nothing is showing in elicenser I have an licence for cubase LE which shows up in elicencer.
I also have the free upgrade cubase 11 but that does not show up in elicencer so I have paid the £25 for the upgrade and can’t seem to upgrade.


Cubase 13 is not using eLicenser anymore. Open the Steinberg Activation Manager application to activate Cubase 13, please.

it’s obvious that the upgrade (‘cubase elements 13 update from cubase elements 11 or older.’) i have paid for is not going to work with my product cubase LE.
how do i go about getting a refund as my support request have not been looked at by support do i have to open a dispute with PayPal. Paid for an item and cannot use.




On the web page, there is the official way how to get in contact with the refund department.

Hi Martin
Thanks for that all sorted now. Appreciate your help in this matter.
Thanks again