Cubase switching Devices during recording

I have the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver with two Devices: UR22 and Yamaha MX USB interfaces. Cubase has started defaulting to the MX device during recording and playback. I have to stop Cubase and reset it to the UR22. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it?

Difficult to say : probably a mystery of the whole USB connectivity/implementation in a given system at work…

More seriously, it’s not recommended to work with two devices more or less active at the same time : it’s the best way to get issues of this kind. So, to stop it, and as the MX is a synth with MIDI in/out DIN connectors, I wouldn’t look at it twice and instead get rid of the USB connection of the MX and connect it to the UR22 via both the MIDI DIN and two audio outs>ins connectors : problem solved (unless you really need the USB connection, i.e., if there is an MX editor that rely on the USB connection to work).

I still use MIDI DIN connectors with all the units that compose my setup and for a reason : to precisely avoid this kind of issue. Life is short and I don’t want to deal with the USB connectors/priority mess. So, the only USB connector that I use, music related, is the one that connects my audio/MIDI interface with my computer…

That’s not a solution for me as I have, yes, an MX editor, and I have a MIDI master keyboard plugged into the UR22, so using the MX’s MIDI instead would make that keyboard unusable. I’ve had this setup for four years and this switching problem only began recently.

OK. Did you change something recently, USB related, on your system ? Because beside changing USB ports trying to retrieve a stable config, I’m rather out of solution, I admit : as previously said, I use as less USB as I can when music is involved.

Time to raise a support ticket in your Steinberg account, I think, as the devices involved are all Yamaha/Steinberg ones, ASIO driver included. Hope you’ll get a solution and if so, please report back, as I’m curious about what it could be…

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Nothing has been changed in my system. I’ll raise a ticket as you suggest.