cubase SX 2 / 3 replacement for a 64bit win 8

i tried the LE 8 at a friend’s studio - and NO, this looks good, this is fast, but the mixer is… so “anti-user” compared to the old SX 2 or 3 that I …let’s say it’s not for me.

…or the plug in folders - in the old days the plug ins landed in the main vstplugin folder and everything worked - now the LE 8 only sees its onbaord pile of fx - but i need my old WAVES EQs to work [:

so the question is: Is there any post SX 3 cubase that looks/routs/works the same way? or should I step back to WIN 7 and try to run the SX3?

i havent looked for an update for ages - We’ve had an old win XP PC in the studio - and SX 1-2-3 did its job for 15 years, it was superb and i would never switch to anything else, but the old computer finally died (just as anything XP-powered) and im trying to recreate that workflow… doin my best not to use Ableton.

Are all the new products similar in architecture to the LE 8, or is this some odd egg that i should just skip and try…anything else from the steinberg range?

All I can say is that the mixer upset a lot of people when it changed between 6 and 7, but it’s now at the stage where most people have gone through the pain and learned to love it. It does need a high-resolution monitor (or better, two!) to look good but it’s quite customisable and I think it would be worth your time to download the trial of at least Cubase Elements 9 and spend some time with it.

By the way, you can get SX3 to work on Windows 10, not by installing it, but by copying the folder from Program Files on your XP machine across, installing the latest eLicenser seperately and doing a bit of manual configuration.

im gonna sound like an old fart here :slight_smile:, but as much as i understand that music is all about development and change - i have problems when the rules change during the match :wink:

but ok, i can get a multi-out card and mix it with a mackie board with no complaint about the routing.

how about old vst fx? how do you get the old waves gold/masters/restoration bundles to work with the LE - i understand that i missed a lot during the last 12 years - there were 2 folders with VST - you could paste dlls in there or use dedicated setup-program and once the dll was in place restarted cubase could use those - it doesnt seem to work this way in the modern incarnation…

if it’s down to licensing - how do you get the old freebies to work, like say… delays etc - is it possible or should forget about the 98-2005 altogether and look around the modern software?

There should be a dedicated chapter in the manual about just that. But basically it works the same as before

But if you already have SX3, why don’t you try my suggestion to get it working on Windows 8 x64?

if there s any chance i could use the “3” on win 8 im gonna give it a try.

Have a read of this sticky at the top of this forum, it says “should install and run just fine under Windows Vista / 7 / 8”. Download the installer for SX3 and install it on your Windows 8 machine, then download the latest version of the eLicenser and install that, and finally plug in your USB eLicenser and … well, it should work!