Cubase SX 2 compatrible with Windows 7 64 bit ?

I have Cubase SX 2 and just got a new PC with Windows 7 64-bit. Will Cubase (and Grove Agent 1) be compatible ??

SX2, no. GA1, ?.

Why not give it a go. SX2 is not a 64bit program with the 64bit memory benefits and multi-core handeling, but I can not see why it not should run on W7. As long as your dongle protection software is up to date, that is!

Thanks !
I gave it a go… and it was driving me bonkers at times. For the most part SX worked ok… but then there were minor things here andthere that didn’t stop the show… but were a litte irratant. Especially I’m trying to use the Proteus VX plug in and it kept resetting ALL presets to whatever was on the first channel when it looped. It got to the point it was useless. I’ve emailed EMU and SB and neither have a clue… so I’m hoping it’s a Windows 7 problem.

GA was just quirky all together. Mind you… I havn’t fired up the old system in a LONG time… so first I thought I’d just forgotten how to use it, but that doesn’t look like the case now. I really don’t want to invest in another all new GA3, but SB has suspended the upgrade… so if I want to use it i need to buy one full price.

i think that cubase sx2 was originally intended for use with windows 2000 + windows XP which are both 32bit Operating systems…

cubase sx2 was released around 11/3/2003
so its quite old, if you want to run it, run it on the original operating systems that it says on the box…
which means installing windows 2000 or windows xp
not sure if the service packs would impact its performance but its quite possible. same with which directX version u choose that can also have an impact.

cubase sx3 was later released 12/16/2004

you would almost do better to try to use the cubase LE which is based on the same engine as those,
but it was released + updated last in 2/20/2006 because it was added to some bundled software that came with 3rd party hardware when purchased retail in 2006. in 2007 that version was replaced by le4.

i would say the most modern os u could POSSIBLY try with any of the SX series apps should be Windows VISTA 32bit which was released On January 30, 2007, but some people would say that it should work with windows 7 as long as u run the 32bit version. Windows 7 is basically an improved version of Vista except that vista got a bad name because it came out when alot of people still owned socket 478 machines with 2gb of ram and the os ran like a dog and everyone decided that vista was total garbage because they were running it on older outdated hardware, so microsoft created windows 7… but basically its the same thing.

I tend to agree with that if using legacy software and/or hardware, to stay with a legacy system to run it on. I do this and find that things tend to be stable & reliable because it’s been around, and has reached it’s full potential, along with the support for it for it’s. My systems are 7 year old technology, audio interfaces even older.