cubase sx 2 installation help needed

I have some old sx 2 files which I would like to open in cubase 6. I still have cubase sx 2 which I have re-installed with my pre-syncrosoft licence serial number. when I go to open cubase it tells me no protection device connected. does this mean Im unable to use it? I do remember thats cubase sx3 was available for current user sbut I don’t seem to be able to find that thread- can anyone help?

SX2 files should open in C6 without issue as they’re .cpr’s. Install the latest eLCC.

That woudl be totally cool but Are you certain? I seem to remember a thread ->something about having to import sx 3 and previous cpr files into c4 and saving them there before being able to import into C5. Just asking for future and i could be dead wrong.


ps maybe that was a mac only issue? hmm :question:

It was .all files from VST5 days that required converting to .cpr’s. I have LE1 which was based off SX1 which opens in C4.