Cubase sx 3 vs elicenser?

Hi everybody

I’m a mac user (OS 10.5.8) using cubase sx 3 (to convert my old files) with cubase 5. 5.1 (32 bits).
But since a few days days Cubase SX 3 doesn’t start anymore. I’ve tried to download the application by Steinberg web site ((3.0, 3.1 and 3.1.1) ) or to reinstall my own CD but it doest not work at all.
I’ve got a steinberg key which is recognized by the eLicencer for Cubase 5 but I don’t figure out how I can add Cubase 3 SX to eLicenser because eLicenser refuses the activation code used for Cubase 5 (as it’s impossible to register Cubase Sx 3 with the number of my anti copy key alredau usad for Cubase 5) and refuse the original installation serial number of Cubase SX 3 too. Strangely, the activation code for the key was an update from my Cubase Sx 3 to Cubase 5 and that SX 3 worked fine for almost 2 years.
I’m expecting than when I install Cubase Sx 3 there is a conflict between the driver for the anti copy system included in Cubase SX 3 and eLicenser but I’m maybe wrong…

Sorry to be so complicated, I guess it shows how I’m lost with this problem.
Thanks in advance for the one who will save me (and most of all my old files) and hello to the others.

The Cubase 5 license includes the Cubase SX 3 license as well and that’s why it had obviously worked before.
Have you tried from downloading and installing the latest eLC? This might help to fix any conflicting older installations.