Cubase SX no longer runs in Windows 10 after motherboard/CPU upgrade

So I have STILL been using both Cubase VST (for some old arrangements I still need access to) and Cubase SX (mainly for audio recording, editing, etc.), running Windows 10. They have been relatively stable and functional for a while now, but when I recently made a major hardware upgrade (new ASUS Motherboard, RAM, and Intel CPU) VST still works great but SX won’t run (it only gets to the end of the splash screen and then nothing). I’ve tried all the compatibility options but nothing helps.

I’m in the middle of several projects (plus I’m just very familiar with these older versions - started with Cubase Score back in the 80s!), and have 3 potential options that I see: 1) hopefully find a solution that gets it back up and running on my new system, 2) buying a newer version of Cubase that will effectively import my SX (.cpr) projects (any recommendations? I realize I am MANY generations away from the current Cubase), and 3) setup my old system to use separately from the new one (currently trying this, but it now has it’s own issues, plus I would really like to use the much faster and more powerful new system).

Any ideas out there?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Current Cubase 11 is working with *.cpr files. The structure of the file is still the same.

I would recommend to download Cubase 11 Trial. You can use it for 30 days. You will see, if you are able to open your projects and work with them.

Thank you Martin, this is very helpful and encouraging to know that that file format is still in use. And excellent suggestion to give it a try first