Cubase SX - options/difficulties in upgrading/opening files?

Hi - my old machine running SX died last week.
I now have a new PC running Windows 8.
As expected, I’m unable to install Cubase SX, let alone any of the VSTs or files.

I have the following options:

  1. Create a partition/use virtualization software in my PC, install Windows XP and try to install SX that way, but I’m not an IT person and that idea worries me!
  2. Upgrade to Cubase 6, but I’ve heard that it’s difficult to open SX files in this, plus - would I loose all of my old VSTs (like Edirol Orchestra/MDA piano) and have to find new ones to replace them?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Congratulations, you’ve just entered the mouth of the upgrade dragon!

Personally, I would have fixed what’s wrong with the machine that died…what, maybe it’s just a dead system battery, a BIOS refresh is needed, power supply or hard drive died, etc, etc, etc… in fact, you could still do that until you work out that new machine with SX, but be prepared to leave your old stuff behind now that you’ve began your upgrade.