Cubase SX1 Projects to Cubase 6?

I’ve been running Cubase SX 1.06 since 2002, without upgrading, because frankly, I didn’t record enough to justify the expense. I finally decided that I wanted to jump into the present/future, and purchased Cubase 6 (and am in the process of building a new computer that can run it).

I have dozens of projects in SX1 that I’d like to import to C6. Is this possible, and if so, how would I go about this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


When you save your SX1 song files, are they CPR files? If so, they will import into C6. If not then you will have to upgrade to SX3 which will import your SX1 files and then export to CPR files. After you purchase your license for C6, the upgrade to SX3 will be free. There is a sticky on the top of the C5 page with the link.

My current Cubase version is 5.3.3 - 64 bit.

I have old ‘arranger’ files that I need to open. I have down loaded Cubase SX 3 but when I try to install it i get the following error message:

‘Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase SX3\convif.opt could not be opened’

Can anybody advice me on how i need to proceed?

Thank you.

I found a link to the correct ‘CD Installer’ for SX 3 and have installed it successfully.

All is good :slight_smile: