Cubase SX3 and Reason 7 Rewire

Hi All,

I’ve got Cubase SX3 and I’m interested in getting Reason 7 but purely for it’s sounds and effects - I’d like to keep using Cubase as the main DAW for sequencing, editing, mixing etc.
Does anyone know if it’s possible to run Reason 7 in Cubase SX3 using Rewire?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, until you get an answer…

I don’t know the specific answer myself, but if it turns out that the answer is that it’s not actually possible to do exactly what you’re asking… as a ‘possible alternative’, could you not run Reason on a 2nd machine, and network or sync the machines together so you can access/use the sounds? With networking or syncing methods, it’s possible to run most any software sound source with any DAW program, on any platform. Just an idea for your consideration :bulb:

Hi SYNC - only just seen your reply.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, I’m looking to upgrade my Cubase to 7.5 or Elements 7 - I’ve been trying the demos and have got the re-wire to work fine with them.

Thanks again