Cubase SX3 and UAD2 SOLO issues

New computer -core i5 quad - 6gb ram - win7 64 bit. Reloaded cubase sx3, so far so good, added new UAD2 Solo and cubase only sees 7 plugins, only 2 of which are authorized. Accessing the meter, all the plugins I own are shown as authorized, but cubase does not see them. I reinstalled UAD exactly as instructed, did updates, did not do updates. Nothing. I tried again and added in the optional mono versions and oddly enough it sees them, all of them, even the un-authorized versions. The mono ones seem to work, but that isn’t any help on a stereo bus. Anyone have this experience? Am I now forced to upgrade cubase now, instead of when I’ve paid off this computer and now a nearly useless UAD Card. Ugh. Any advice will be of help. Also, cubase will occasionally crash the computer when I’ve been trying to check out the UAD plugins. Thanks in advance for any help. AD
This has become expensive since I had to jump to Wavelab 7 from 5 since that no longer works. My $1200 dollar investment is creeping up and will be over $2,000 if I have to get Cubase too.