Cubase sx3 - audio issue (?)

Hello there !
i have bought focusrite scarlet 2i2 and got the Rode nt1-a Microphone and i want to record some stuff but
the only thing that annoy’s me is that issue that when i say something i hear it after 1 second
instead of being directly recorded , do you get me ?

i have windows 7
i tried cubase 5 but i have other problems also the same as with the sx3 + some driver cant detect issue anyway
so i though its easier with sx3 if there’s anyone there who could help me out it would be awesome !

i am recording hip-hop music so if there are any guides or something
to config my interfaface (scarlett 2i2) correctly and cubase together
so i can record clearly and nice would be very appreciated !!!

thank you very much for your time !
have a good day :wink:

You need to check the buffers from your audio interface, this will control the amount of latency.

hey thanks for the reply
i got this audio interface
what is the buffers i must play with ? ty

ps: what i got to do exactly? i dont get it sry im new on this thing.

and on VST Audiobay i have to use ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver? cus when i choose scarlett then play the audio beat i dont hear anything :S

sry i am really new i need help to make everything right

I don´t have a Scarlett, so I can´t tell you where is the buffer control, you’ll need to check the manual. Probably there is a control panel somewhere.

But first of all, you should install the most recent driver for it:

Find the control panel to adjust the buffers, and then select it under Cubase.

thanks , well that control panel i can find it only on cubase right?

i installed the driver and the latency seems better but now something with the sound i cannot hear anything i play on cubase just cus i selected on vst audiiobay Scarlet 2i2


No, most of the time you will be able to open it outside Cubase too. But ONLY if you installed the driver for it.

i installed the driver and the latency seems better but now something with the sound i cannot hear anything i play on cubase just cus i selected on vst audiobay Scarlet 2i2


my other questions , should i use direct monitor on my scarlet 2i2 and switch it to ON right?
and there is line and INST switch under GAIN i use line right?

also i am confused … why i hear my sound when i record with “sound recorder” ONLY right and not stereo?

what can i do about those issues.

thanks !

Are you connecting speakers into the Scarlett outputs, right? A lot of people thinks audio should come from the computer outputs, but that is not correct when using an external interface.

You need to read the manual to understand your interface better.

You also need to read Cubase manual (look for direct monitoring)

no i dont connect speakers to interface…

interface is only connected to pc with usb cable and thats it

Well, the sound will only be heard from headphones or line outputs of the interface. That is your problem.

i dont get it what should i do ? use headphones and thats onjly way i will hear the sound stereo?


You should connect your headphones into the headphones output of your interface (not in the computer!)

You can also use a pair of active speakers to listen the sinal from line outputs of your interface. You also need to set up audio correctly inside Cubase (choosing the correct driver, using the correct bus output and inputs in each track, and so on). This info can be found in the manual.

Okay thanks man ! i will try my best.

obrigado !

You are welcome!

De nada! :slight_smile: