Cubase sx3.pkg Cd installation bugs on mac os x

hello everyone,
it’s about install on a mac pro,
Before i was using it on a pc windows, installed with the cd rom and dongle, all was always working great. But now i have decided to install it on a mac pro with el capitan and when i put the cdrom on the player, it starts loading good but stops at the cubasesx3.pkg launch and it always fails writing that it issues cause it don’t find the soft to install…
Is anyone knows something about this, thank you
manu from france

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase SX 3 is from 2005, I wouldn’t expect compatibility with the system from 2015.

Please search for the Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Mac OS X. This might help.

Hi Martin, thank you, i have used this installer tool but, in the list support products, no cubase sx was nominated. so when i launch the installer tool it write to me that there is no steinberg product recognized on the mac or on the cd rom. as you say, maybe my sx is to old to be supported by el capitan os, so if i find the os version wich worked with the cubase sx, maybe it would be ok…


Cubase SX 3 is from 2005, so I would search for the macOS rom that year.

I ve just install snow leopard on the mac and when i put the cdrom cubase sx it apperas on the screen, i click on it and on the programm cubase pkg, it start running more, it don’t write that it don’t find the soft but one minute later it stop and write another issu for a reason of “run preinstall script for cubase”
Do you know about that ?

it say to install rosetta, do you know that ? i will try it

i ve load rosetta and the install is done for good on snow leopard
so the next step is to see how cubase is working on the mac with motu 24io and midi…


Oh, that means Cubase Sx 3 was not Intel compatible. Sorry, I forgot such a details of that old Cubase version.

Hi Martin, what do you mean about sx is not intel compatible ?
so i tried to open session, a new project but the cubase turn to be very slow, and is always waiting when i do something or demand. absolutely unusable. i have a ssd interne on the mac pro.
maybe that’s not snow leopard wich work good with sx 3, i m going to try “tiger” 10.4 and see what happens…

ok i understand what you say, intel=mac. yes after reading some post it is said that sx3 was not compatible for intel, we have to take cubase 4 for that, so i know what to do now…


Or you can use your old Cubase SX 3 on Intel Mac under Rosetta.

Or I would recommend update Cubase to the current version.

Hi Martin, yes i do the second choice, but, on my elicenser there is cubase sx3 and i don’t know how to upgrade to cubase 4 ? do you know how to do it cause i have put cubase 4 on my mac, i have installed the motu drivers pci which is ok but when on my dongle there is just cubase sx3. thank for your help !

You cannot upgrade to Cubase 4 as it is (of course) not sold anymore. You can only upgrade to the latest version of Cubase (12), which doesn’t need the eLicenser anymore, but will include a license for the eLicenser for older Cubase versions.
Or you could try to find if someone sells an eLicenser with an older license on the used market, but that of course is not without risk.

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Hello Jan Felix, thank you for your reply, can i, with this C12 version, return to a more older version of cubase ? Cause i imagine that this C12 doesn t work with old el capitan and mac pro from 2009 ?


Yes, you can. You will get Cubase Pro 11 not upgradable license to your USB-eLicenser. With this one, you can start any older Cubase, you want to. The only problem is, you have to install as latest eLCC as you can and then update the eLCC database to make sure the eLCC recognize this (relatively) new Cubase 11 license.

Thank You Martin, i will experiment this way.
i have a big chance, two steinberg mens for someone like me with such odlest stuffs !!! You are great people. Thanks so much.

It said on the steinber download assistant that on Cubase 12 mac, “OS X 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 are no longer supported.” what il means ? no utilisation at all with this osx or i can go with it but with no upgrade anymore?

is seams that with cubase 8.0.35, on your site, i can use el capitan 10.11.6 so it could be the solution for my system going to the cubase 12 , try with el capitan, or and retrograde to cubase 8.


I haven’t seen anyone using Cubase 11 or Cubase 12 with older than macOS 10.11. On macOS 10.11, there are some known issues. VST Connect component is not compatible and it crashes. So you have to remove this component. There are some graphical issues.

But as I said, with “Cubase 11 not upgradable” license, you can use any older Cubase version. So I would recommend to use a version, which is really compatible with your latest macOS version.

The problem is, as Martin wrote, you need the latest eLicenser software installed for the upgrade process to work, and I don’t know whether that is supported or will run on your system.
It would probably be easier if you had access to a Windows (10) system, if only temporary, where you could do the upgrade process and after that you could use the dongle on your Mac (the process is described here

The easiest solution would probably be to just buy one of those new M2 Mac Minis and the upgrade to twelve :wink: