Cubase SX3 & Reason 2.5 HELP


Thanks for considering this…I historically rewired Cubase SX3 to Reason 2.5 within Windows XP but put Cubase SX3 and Reason 2.5 to sleep some years ago and now hope to wake them up again. Why? see further below. I’m currently using Windows 10. So far Cubase SX3 has installed and will open in Windows 10 but I haven’t tried operating it. Reason 2.5 has installed but wont open. I’ve tried using Windows Compatability Mode running XP service packs 2 and 3 but no joy. With that background in mind, some questions:

  • will Cubase SX3 and/ or Reason 2.5 launch and operate on a PC running Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional? If YES can I do that on a PC running Windows 10, using a bootable thumbdrive with either Windows XP or 7 i.e. second OS not installed on main hdd?

  • what other workaround/s can u offer?

  • will songs I authored in Cubase SX3 (using Reason 2.5 synths n samplers) open and run normally in more recent versions and on Windows 10?

    Why would I want to run such ancient platforms - simply because my incomplete originals were written using them and I wish to try and finish the originals without having to fork out money for more recent versions - if possible. Those platforms served me well back then and have no need for more advanced technology (I think)

    Thanks for your patience and I look forward to your wisdom…(note I have posted the same to Reason Talk)

im literally doing the same thing. you can install a virtual xp on top of windows 7 and it will run sx3. but you have any info on how i can obtain sx3 or any of the programs that will read a .all file so i can convert it to .cpr i would sincerely appreciate the help.

Hi Sellis

sorry I have no idea on that and when I looked at one of my Cubase SX3 project files the other day it already appears to be in .cpr

Update: I currently intend to do a clean install of Win7 Pro 64-bit on a laptop then run SX3 rewired to Reason 2.5 vs VM. Any thoughts/ concerns?