I have recently upgraded from sx3 to 9.5 pro and when I first tried to load song files from sx3 to 9.5 it did it no problem.
I reinstalled Cubase 9.5 a while back because of other issues and haven’t tried to load an old sx3 song…until now. It just comes up as INVALIDPROJECT FILE.
Any ideas what has happened???

Are you trying to load the .cpr file into SX3 or C9.5?

If at any stage you loaded the .cpr into C9.5 and saved it then you will no longer be able to load it into SX3 because it will have been converted to a newer format.

Hi. Trying to load into C9.5
I was trying to load a song from SX3 TO C9.5
I had saved all the song files etc from sx3 to a memory stick. They are showing on the stick but won’t load to Cubase hence the ‘invalid project file’ status.
I have just saved an sx3 song to a different memory stick and it’s loaded ok in c9.5. Any clues why that is?
I know it’s obvious to buy a new MStick but could it be anything else. Not being a tech buff an all.

I think you have just answered your own question. If I were you, I would copy all of your SX3 files for safekeeping onto some more permanent form of storage (for example a data CD or DVD), then copy them across to your new machine, and load them into C9.5 and work from there.

Cheap USB sticks are notoriously bad, and even good ones won’t work if you don’t remove them “properly” after writing to them, i.e. the safe-removal procedure. It’s also a bad idea to load the project directly from the USB stick into Cubase, if that’s what you’re doing – copy them onto the hard disk first, and load them from there.

Thanks for that. You hit the nail on the head with ‘cheap USB stick’!!! All taken on board. Thanks again.