Cubase SX3

I am running Cubase 8.5 under Windows 10.

In order to convert archived projects (.all) I need to install Cubase SX3. The installation starts well until it arrives at a font called ‘stein___.ttf’, then it locks. I have checked and this font is installed in the Windows Font library.

Can anybody advise me on how to complete the install?

I guess you can try removing this font from your system. If possible try copying it to your desktop before removing it so you can reinstall the current version of the font later.

That seems a good suggestion Romantique. I will try this over the weekend.

I forgot to mention, I think fonts can only be installed as an admin in Windows so you’ll have to run the installer as an administrator.

Another thing that may help is running it in Windows XP compatibility mode. You can find that by right clicking the installer and clicking Properties.

If you have an old XP machine lying around, install SX3 on that (no need to even run it) and then zip up the program folder, you can unzip it on your WIndows 10 machine (no need to install) and run it directly. I find this is the simplest as you don’t end up with old versions of the eLicenser driver, fonts, and so on.

I was able to install SX3 on a laptop with Windows 10 on it. No I can convert the projects and then be done. I still don’t have an answer as to why it would not install on my DAW.

Thanks for the responses and suggestions.