Cubase Sync Crash

Hey everyone,
So I am trying to sync Cubase 7 and Logic 9 together with MTC via the IAC driver. Should work fairly well, and when CB is the master Logic syncs just fine, but whenever I try to make Logic the master and set CB to sync to incoming MTC from Logic Cubase freaks out and then crashes.

Any thoughts?



It means that Cubase is the " Master", Haha just a joke.

Make sure that on both sides the MTC/SMTPE settings are exactly the same.

All the settings are identical. I have no idea why this isn’t working because it should be, and I’ve tested it on two separate machines and had the same results.

You could also check the MMC properties (Machine Midi Control, it has options (from what I recall) to controle the midi start/stop behavior.

Note: I only synced with SX1 and VST5 (long time ago) so this is recalled from memory.

And maybe this information can help out:

Thanks for the help guys but still not working. Cubase continues to crash whenever it reads MTC coming in from Logic.