Cubase sync issues with Roland TR-8

HI there, i am new to the forum and havent had any issues really to note over the last 10 yrs + of using cubase.

i am not sure if anyone else has this issue when setting up the Roland to work with cubase.

The drum machine has 11 channels, which i have been advised can only be activated on your chosen DAW by using Roland TR-8 as your audio interface Via USB. Luckily i have a MAC and have set up an Aggregated option so it can access my RME babyface and Roland, instead of suing Asio4all.

the issue i am having is being able to create he 11 audio tracks so i can record in and also being able to get the Roland to play in sync with my project.

I had connected this up originally via jack into my Focusrite octupre, here is was able to have 1 single Audio channel and its wasn’t in sync, but not able to separate the drum track channels

The nearest link and advice to this i have found for an alternative DAW. I have searched high and low for advice online and found nothing for cubase

If anyone has had any issues or can advise me what i am doing wrong and what i need to do, that would be amazing.