Cubase sync to Boss RC 300 looper?

Hi Guys,

Has anyone set up a Boss RC 300 looper to sync with the Cubase clock when recording the audio out of the looper. I want to be able to record the audio from the looper into Cubase and then add midi tracks whilst maintaining the timing with the clock from the looper. As I understand it the RC300 can only be set as a master clock and I’m pretty sure I read that Cubase cannot act as a slave - so how to do it?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Cubase can act as a slave. Cubase cannot act as a ReWire slave, what is something different you need.

What kind of Clock can RC 300 send?

Cubase can not be MC slave, the RC 300 can be slaved to external MIDI

Looking at the RC300 manual it can act as a slave, but it seems to suggest it does so only if it is a slave to another Master RC300? The normal operation is for the RC to act as a master.

I have linked the RC to a Steinberg UR22 audio interface via the midi port and tested the signal with ‘Midi-Ox’. I can see the BPM is being sent correctly from the RC to the computer via the UR22 when I rotate the tempo knob on the RC.

So it seems the RC is sending the time code but I cannot see how to get Cubase to sync to it as an external midi clock. I’ve gone into the project synchronization setup in Cubase but have been unable to get it to sync to the RC

I believe the clock is Midi Clock not MTC but I’m not sure of the difference and the manual does not give the info in the specs.

The midi sync of the RC is set to ‘Memory’ which relates to the tempo of each different ‘Phrase memory’

Beyond this I’m not sure what else I can add?

Any thoughts?


Here or here you can read about the mtc vs midi clock topic.

It seems, Cubase can really act as MC master only.

Although you don’t seem to believe me:
Cubas can not be slaved to MIDI clock, and your RC sends MIDI clock, since MTC does not contain tempo information

Now, I would say, I can confirm this. :wink:

Sorry Martin this was directed at the threadstarter.


It had nothing to do with not believing you, I was simply looking for clarification having supplied additional info. I thank you for your response.

I will look on Youtube as I seem recall seeing that someone had managed to sync to Cubase but gave no details.

I had hope to find others my have used Cubase with the RC 300 and could give a breakdown of the routing, alas not to be.

No further response is necessary.