Cubase Sync with TouchDesigner (Derivative VJ Software)

Hi All,

It’s my first time working with a VJ for our live shows. He has prepped videos/clips to coincide in exact time with our live set including the breaks between songs.

Cubase handles backing track playback live. I am trying to find a simple way to link my laptop (Cubase 9.5, Win 7pro and UAD Twin) with his via USB (we are both on Windows OS)

The Goal for live performances:

  1. I press play once on Cubase (the whole set is config’d in Cubase to play continuously).
  2. This triggers a one time MIDI on Message to TouchDesigner on VJ’s laptop and we’re pretty much in sync the whole time.

I’m assuming I’m gonna keep Cubase on Internal Timecode and use it to drive the TouchDesigner Software

  1. Do I need a MIDI/USB device in between to sync/relay the message from my laptop to his?
    OR …
  2. Can i accomplish this with a USB Bridge Cable? Or some other simple method?




Sorry, I don’t know the TouchDesign software. Do you need a real-time synchronisation? Or do you need just to send a MIDI Message in certain time from Cubase project?

In general to connect two computers via MIDI, you would need USB > MIDI converter for both computers. Today some of them look just like USB > MIDI cable.

I have connected the two laptops via iConnectivity mio2 box. I was able to connect the TD software to connect with Cubase via MIDI

However, when I send the start message and Press Play in Cubase it keeps sending continuous Midi messages to TD software instead of just one single command executing playback


How did you set it up in terms of synchronisation?

I made the settings in Project Sync settings

I set MIDI Timecode and Clock Destinations to the MIDI Out (USB Port) on the Mio2 and kept on Internal Timecode

Then in the TouchDesigner I set incoming MIDI to the 2nd USB port on Mio2.

I’m not sure how or if Cubase is sending MIDI Start or Stop Data… TD is seeing it as Timecode MIDI Messages


Could you attach a screenshot of your settings, please?

What kind of message (exactly) does the software expect to receive?