Cubase System 4 SL Mac CD

Hi, I’m still recording with ’ vintage style’ :wink: Cubase System 4 SL 2 (with external sound device MI4) but now I’m switching to Mac and I can’t find the Mac software cd.

I find there is no possibility to download the complete SL, just updates, also from Steinbergs site itself :cry:

2 questions:
-does anyone have this software for me (of course without license which I already have)?
-is it possible to use other Cubase versions with the MI4 device? If this is the case I could upgrade to newer Cubase

Would be great if you could help me out :smiley: .

You might check this page-

And for the software itself tech support has links for that stuff.

I’ve just bought the I mac and have the MI 4 interface. I tried to install the driver updates from the steinberg page but not sure if they did install on the mac. I can hear sound using garage band but have no input signals to listen to my guitar keyboard etc. does anyone know if I’m wasting my time trying to get the MI 4 to work with mountain lion ?