Cubase take massive time to save and always have clip on audio

Hi guys,

My Cubase version is 12.0.52 (native), and I’m currently running it on a Macbook pro, with top M1 MAX chip, and 64 GB of RAM, and my audio interface is Babyface Pro FS.
My template is a 120 instrument tracks, 5 FX channel project, and basically all VSTs are Kontakt and several spifire/Sine player instrument.

The problem is -

  1. I always have clip when the buffer size is set to 384 or lower, but when I use 512 samples buffer size, I’ll get 12 ms latency for both input and output, which has some negtive effect because I mainly use it for composing orchestral music. But with M1 max and Babyface and the latest Cubase (running native, not Rosetta 2), I don’t think this issue is normal.

  2. It takes soooo long to save the project, would take almost 15s every time, and the heavier the work, the longer time it takes. Well it’s true that I don’t have to save that much manualy, but Cubase also have the automatic save which will heavily distract me while I’m concentrate on composing. (btw, when doing the saving, the audio an keep playing, but the screen just freezed. So idk if it’s related to the GPU scheduling problem - Which I had in my PC)
    But when I use the midi track with VE pro, this problem can be fixed, but I really hate to use midi track because I do the mix while I compose.

My PC (Ryzen 3700x, with 128G RAM, RTX 2070) also has this 2 issues with the same sound card, that was the reason I change to Apple macbook, but now turns out t should be the Cubase issue?

Does anyone has any clue that would be useful? Thanks!

How many instances of Kontakt have you running? Are they all preloaded with sounds?

I guess Cubase alone is not the problem.

My template has 108 tracks of Kontakt, all preload with samples, but all purged to save the memory. And all my Kontakt library have done the Batch re-save process.

15 secs 108 tracks shouldn’t be a complaint…

Does this mean you have 108 Kontakt instances running?
Really? On a mobile computer? Kontakt?
That same Kontakt people complaining about that it is very resource hungry in some cases?

But memory isn’t the only problem in your case. The bandwidth on your internal data paths could be limited as well.

But this is not a problem on Logic, the same template, all instrument track.