Cubase takes a long time so save

I have some projects in Cubase 11 Pro that take a stupid amount of time to save. The spinning mouse pointer, arrgh

I sometime have the same issue if I render in place.

Then other times, it just freezes up when I’m working on the project, which is really disrupting. It’s not autosavingThe spinner reappears and it’s several seconds to a couple of minutes before it’s okay again.

It’s not CPU or RAM, as utilization is around 43% one these projects when it does it, and plenty of RAM left.

Any ideas?

What plugins / VSTi are in the project?


Use ProcDump to make a DMP file and share it, please.

The forum site says the DMP file is too large to upload


Share the file via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Link → DMP file

Hi, did you have any feedback on this?


Could you try with the latest 12.0.40 update, please?

Hi Martin,

I’m using Cubase 11 Pro

I still have this issue. :frowning:

In relation to the orignal post, I’ve seen something impressive recently - a couple of people I know using Cubase have invested in the new Apple Studio M1 Ultra and the number of VIs they are running is amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of VIs. Granted, I know there are other problems with this but I expect they will be ironed out in time. One of them has a much more powerful PC system than mine and he can’t get this number of VIs on his Intel platform.

What I find intolerable is that I can get more VIs in Sonar or a C7.5 project than with C11.

But from what I’ve seen so far, and when the issues have been ironed out, this new ARM based Apple platform is going to wipe the floor with Intel PCs as they are as far as in-the-box music production is concerned.


The crash is in the Soundtoys Radiator plug-in. Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

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Thank you

Do you have a screen shot or something else I can show them for proof?


If they use common debugger, they should see it.

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Thanks :+1:

Can I ask which debugger you used?