Cubase takes ages to load! :(

I had cubase 5.5 working nicely until stupidly I installed a loads of fonts. At the time I didn’t know that fonts stopped Cubase from working, it took me about 5 days being new to mac!

I eventually tried validating fonts and deleted all the little blighters!

Cubase now loaded ok, but really slow, infact i took about 12mins!

I upgraded to 6.0.1 and the same happens!

I have deleted all cubase files i came across, fixed permissions and reinstalled a few times and it still does it. steinberg technical support didn’t have a clue either…

I can use cubase 6 but it loads of very slowly :frowning:

oh, i also took all the plugins out and it still does it

Please help :slight_smile:

I hadn’t heard that having many fonts installed harms Cubase. I have 212 installed there’s no apparent problem, but maybe that’s not so many…

Once loaded does Cubase work normally?

Without any other details I’ll take a couple stabs in the dark…

  • If it’s not one of the things you did already, delete (or move) the prefs folder at:
  • Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 6
  • What is going on in Activity Monitor? Is there a process that that is taking over the CPU? Take a look at disk activity there while Cubase is loading, this problem could be caused be a bottleneck in disk access.
  • For certain anomalies as this might be, simply doing a few shutdowns/restarts helps.
  • Is your hard drive almost full?

I have experienced similar long loading times once. My project was based on imported midi files, maybe yours is too? Examining the list editor, I discovered immense numbers of meaningless text files in these imported midi files. Once thery were deleted, the project was back to normal size and loaded in seconds.