Cubase takes forever to load

I’ve been using Cubase 10 for a while, and all of a sudden. it just started to take forever to load.
in Task Manager it says Cubase 10 Not responding.
it takes about 30 minutes (!!!) to load.
I did not install any new plugin or VST. only stock.
didnt change anything in windows settings nor installed anything new.

Generally project load times increased a little, around 10% if I remember right compared to 9.5.x
Would be nice if new version of Cubase would be on par with the old versions performance wise.

Wondering if anyone else has this too - 9.5 runs happily on my Mac, but the 10 Demo just cannot load up at all. I have tried trashing preferences and uninstalling and reinstalling the E Licenser latest version too.
Just cannot get it to load at all…

Been having long load times between projects in 10! Thought it had crashed when the load window just hangs there on a track, but 5 mins later it starts finishing loading. Definitely something that should be addressed.