Cubase takes insanely long to save (2min+!)

Hi there,

Recently I bought Cubase and installed it alongside the East West Hollywood Orchestra on my cleanly installed computer.

I have 2 512GB SSD drives, which are both working in optimal condition, and on one drive I have about 180GB left for saving projects and such, so space is not an issue.

And yet, I’m building a template with as of now about 22 instances of Play, combining up to 18GB of ram in total. This has never been a problem in any other program, as it shouldn’t be, seeing as I have 32GB of DDR4 ram ready to go. CPU should also not be a problem, it being an i7 with 12 cores clocked at 4.1Ghz.

So, I do not know why Cubase takes literally upwards of 2 minutes to save? The project file is also 38mb large, I don’t know if that is normal as I’ve never worked with Cubase before.

Everything else is working normally. Cubase is a great piece of software, and I love it to death, but this issue makes it excruciation to deal with!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I’ve read about other people reporting the same problems, but couldn’t find any solutions. Most people talk about 30 second save times, but mine are a lot longer even…