Cubase Talk


If anyone fancies a chat on Skype about anything to do with Cubase then my Skype name is - monsterjazzlicks. Anyone interested can just send me a 'contact request. i only signed up fairly recently but have got a webam and headset.

i have made a few friends via this site so i am hoping to take my communications to the next level !! :slight_smile: i don’t use facebook or social networking sites cause i am just not into anything like that. But it would be interesting to chat live to people from this site about the generalities of Cubase.

Any time i am on my PC i am automatically looged into Skype.

(btw. i will have lots of questions !! ha ha).



That could be interesting, but I can’t use Cubase with my WiFi adapter on because it causes dropouts :imp:

Thats exactly what i do. i use my home laptop for going online and general things, and my work laptop for running Cubase and Sibelius. So i greatly lessen the risk of contracting a virus on my work PC.

i was not meaning for both parties to have Cubase set up on their computer whilst communiacting on Skype, but lieterally just talking about Cubase and your experienced with it.

The reason i ask is because i do not really know anyone in my local area who uses it and so i do not have any kind of verbal outlet on the subject !! Apart from this site, i am more or less chipping away on my own.



:astonished: Same here! Pulled out an XP for internet browsing, but it was so slow I just chunked it. Now I’ve just learned to tolerate the dropouts, knowing that my internet browsing is significantly faster than an XP.

You could always try a different adapter. There are usb ones these days. I just found one when I was cleaning. Looks like a dongle.

after installing and setup i was not getting interface and its saying that activation code is required ?
some one please help in this