Cubase Tax

I am not paying my Cubase tax until Steinberg ‘picks up the garbage’ and fixes the scissor tool graphics stutter bug. Looks like a whole bunch of people are finding brand new bugs too. I guess this means the old bugs will have to wait (again) until the new ones are fixed which means some of the old bugs may never get fixed.

I am happy to support software developers and pay my annual rates but there has to be some equity in the deal. If bugs don’t get fixed then eventually the whole product will fall apart from death by 1000 cuts.

I want Steinberg to succeed but to do so it needs to take people seriously about things like this.

This has always been the steinberg business plan , leave the important functions broken and give you more gimmicks . Shame really but thats how they have always rolled

I suppose you are right… I am seriously considering trying other DAWs because until now I could function with what was broken. That is no longer true. I guess Steinberg doesn’t mind losing a few users now and again. Oh well… I guess that’s the market for you… Most folks will be into the whole ‘Cubase in the cloud’ thing and if that what makes them groove as opposed to being to cut up audio then so be it.

I’ve been working professionally in audio for 15 years now. Nothing has ever been closer to my dream DAW than the Steinberg stuff, in terms of features, price and stability.
I’ve worked with Amek/tape, Amek/Fairlight, ProTools and now Nuendo (same code base as Cubase).
This is by far the best system I have EVER worked on.
We are living in AMAZING times to have such systems available for the price of a telephone.

Stop crying and start to make your audio dreams come true. Steinberg is not the limit.

You might feel somewhat differently about it when you hit year 30 but maybe not.

I could not agree more.
It’s mind boggling how they refuse to bring back or fix even the simplest things, like the mixer Always On Top option which they took out in 8.
But hey, now we have icons in the media bay. Yay!

The only “feature” I would pay this year’s tax for is the half-hearted attempt to address the hover buttons fiasco, but this was just one step forward, after they took 20 steps backwards with the new oh-so-pretty mixer. So there goes my motivation.

It’s not the 50 bucks, it’s the principle. They don’t give us what we want, I won’t give them what they want.

Well, to a degree I can understand what is discussed here. Imagine your Setup works perfectly and you are fascinated and willing to invest in a new Version, because there are really attractive things included. You start the new Version and… key things are broken - window handling, scissors tool, etc. Things that really are in the Center of your way of working or even of necessity.

So, this is why I understand the Feelings discussed here.

On the other Hand: the last Versions of cubase showed that a lot of important fixes were delivered rather closely to the original release date. And: I do not see Software that is better. Cubase really does in a lot of respects what i want and Need. So I will stick with it.

I hope the dissappointments will be resolved by Steinberg soon.


There is a big difference in the implementation of VCA’s between Cubase and Nuendo. The Nuendo implementation is not dependent on linked channels and can accommodate nested VCA’s. That is more the workflow I require. There seems to be a greater divergence in the Nuendo vs. Cubase feature set. I was still hoping the following features would be fixed.

Ruler and zoom settings saved on a per project basis and not globally.
Graphics stuttering when using scissor tools.
VCA implementation similar to Nuendo.

8.5 is a great update really. imho, this update is a job well done.

Perfectly said! I like this guy!