Cubase - Tempo detection - add SET TEMPO POINTS ON # OF BEATS feature

Please add a feature to Tempo detection what allows to generate tempo track points not only on beats as it 's now, but on larger steps 1 to 8 beats. Value of 4 for example means points will be created on every four beats (corresponds with on 4/4 bar). This can help a lot to create a fluent and groovy tempo track. Tempo changes on each beat as now sometimes kills groove and produces too shaky tempos and is unusable without huge amount of manual editing and removing points.

Other solution (producing similar result, maybe even better!) is to add a new function into Project Logical Editor - Reduce Tempo Track Points to [1-8] beats (maybe with option RANGE: FROM - TO, i.e. beat numbers in timeline where this functions should start and stop). Please note that removing each tempo point(s) is in timewarp mode and needs automatically recalculating previous point to keep tempo track in sync with audio material

Thanks a lot!