Cubase....The Inspector...we need to talk

So…I was a long time cubase user back when we had the big red parallel dongles…switched to Logic at Cubase 6. Recently took advantage of the sale and upgraded to 12.

Does anybody else find the inspector confusing? I’m not sure if it’s just me being simple…but Logic’s inspector is how it should be done. Being able to see the current track PLUS the master. Being able to see the inserts and the sends without having to tab around.

I really WANT to start using Cubase again because Logic’s audio engine isn’t optimum in my humble.




Add the feature-request tag, please.

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Just press Alt + any inspector tab and it will leave other tabs open when you click that tab. That way you can customise your Inspector to show whatever open tabs you want by default.


Yup. You can also save presets of inspector settings.

Yep, and this exactly where one of the design flaw resides : having to use the <Alt> key for this. I am often pesting against it, as I countlessly have to use both hands to perform what should be the default behavior : not practical at all when you have a guitar/bass on your lap, and there is no Tool modifiers equivalent to change this.

Beside this, and among other strange design choices done and evoked in the related thread, there is this one

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As mentioned above, you can enable the Q-Link, so it will work the way you ask for.

Btw, I love Cubase modifiers. They give me lot’s of options without changing a tool or something like this.

Sorry, Martin, but I don’t see how the MIxConsole Q-Link feature can help fixing the issue… :thinking:


Oh sorry, I messed up two threads…

It happens… No harm done. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can pin those tabs, so they always stay open once opened, it works for every track but the instrument track.

I don’t know about other users, but I tend to keep the channel settings window open, and it changes based on the track selected:

I appreciate that’s not a great deal of help if screenspace is an issue, but thought I should mention it incase you wasn’t aware of it’s existence. All you need to press is the little ‘e’ symbol on tracks or mixer chans.

I have it setup as part of a default workspace view.

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I know this, but thanks anyway. The problem is that I make a massive use of the instrument tracks and pinning tabs doesn’t solve the issues coming from the layout of the inserts/sends ones, which take both more than two thirds of vertical space available (and I have a 2560x1440 monitor…), no matter if there are things in it or not…

And about the instrument tracks, at a point, I even thought to get rid of them and use the VSTis I have at disposal with the instrument rack instead. Haven’t done so, until now, but I’m still thinking of it…

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I’m with you, that there needs to be a design, which works for small and big screens, where everything needed can be made visible. Perhaps a modular customizable inspector would be nice.

But Steinberg already stated months ago, that a new inspector design is on the way, as they are aware of the issues.


Yep, I have read this. The problem is that Steinberg is also about to drop the remaining VST2.x support in Cubase for the next upgrade. So, Cubase 12 will probably be the last Cubase version that I’ll use and I’ll probably never see the new inspector design.

This, unless I find a kind of wrapper that would allow me to use my VST 2.4 instruments as VST 3 ones. I’m still investigating…

Bluecat Patchwork allows VST2 plugins to be loaded, and I see no reason they should drop that support?

I have not read this. Do you have a link/source?

Yep, I have seen this one. It’s one of the solution that I’m considering, but before spending something like 100 €, I want to be sure that Cubase will not put it in its blacklist. So, I’ll probably make, at a point, a thread about it to get eventual feedback concerning it.

And about dropping the VST 2.x, it has been announced several months ago, for “technical” and “stability” reasons. Several months ago, I had a heated exchange about it with @Matthias_Quellmann, which closed the thread after his last argument…

See here

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I am using it since years now, and I never had an issue with it once.

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Good to know ! Thanks for this… :slightly_smiling_face:

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