Cubase Thinks My Mouse Is In A Different Place?

I am running Cubase LE 5. Today I got a new Macbook Pro, and I used Time Machine to import my old computer data so that I could keep working on my current projects.
The Cubase files opened with no problem. They play just fine too - nothing missing. However, wherever I place the cursor, Cubase thinks that the cursor is in a different spot from what I see - it is actually about 6 inches to the bottom left of wherever it looks like it is.
So for instance if I am holding the cursor over the top of the screen around the fast forward button, and that’s where it visually is, it is somehow actually selecting one of the tracks, down to the left. It’s like a ghost cursor. I can’t see where I’m actually clicking so I can’t click on anything. It does this on any file.
I tried restarting Cubase, and restarting the computer, but no luck. :imp:
Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this or might fix it?

Thanks for any help!


I have to mention, Cubase LE 5 is not compatible with current Mac OS X versions. Also a Retina display could be an issue here.