Cubase Third Party Plug-ins Error

Cubase Artist 64bit 2022.1.6 (754.1 KB)

Hello everyone. I’m a user of Cubase Artist 11.0.41 and Windows 11 64 bit. Both are currently up to date. A while ago I purchased the Waves Horizon package. However, whenever I want to use Renaissance reverb, for example, the system crashes and shuts down. For this, I completely deleted and reset windows, cubase and waves control center. Then I reinstalled it with the latest updated versions, but the result does not change. I have a lot of projects to complete and I can’t do it. I would be very grateful if you could help me urgently. I tried many ways to solve it. For example, I repaired Microsoft visual C++, manually introduced the plugin files, copied the files into VST, pinned the program to open in Windows 8 compatibility and administrator mode, etc. but the result does not change a bit. :frowning: By the way, I sent a help e-mail to Steinberg and Waves. I’m also sharing the error file and the screenshot showing the first error I got and then the warning on reboot:

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The crash is on Waves side:


I saw the very same crash few days ago here on the forum. It seems, Waves released an update, which is crashing.

Get in contact with Waves, please.

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