Cubase, this Syntax error - 10.5

It seems to be every time we open up Cubase, this Syntax error appears which relates to the Cubase news page.

Whether you click on yes or no, it still brings up the news however, it crashes Cubase completely if ignored.

The error relates to the script in

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I would try to reinstall Cubase as administrator.

we have this on about 120 machines - fresh install also has not cleared the issue

It seems like Cubase uses the old Internet Explorer component for displaying the news, and either something has changed in that after a Windows update, or something has changed on the server side. (Edit: as it says “syntax error”, my guess is that it’s more likely on the server side…)
You can disable the Hub in the preferences (“General/Use Hub”).


As far as I know, Cubase is using your default browser engine.

No, that wouldn’t make sense. Up to Cubase11, the hub uses the mshtml.dll (IE Rendering engine) from Windows, in 12 they switched to edge.


I see, thank you.